Crotorax Cream

Crotorax Cream 10% 20 g
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Crotorax Cream is a scabies treatment. It can also be used as an antipruritic, to treat itching and other forms of irritation occurring as a result of chickenpox, eczema, bites from insects, sunburn, dermatitis and other related conditions.

The application procedure for Crotorax Cream is different for scabies than for pruritus. Adults treating scabies are generally instructed to apply the cream to the entire body. It is best to start at the chin, and from there, apply it downwards to the rest of the body. Patients should apply it again 24 hours later. A bath may then be taken 48 hours after the last application. If treating pruritis, the cream is only applied to the affected area. The doctor will tell the patient how often to apply it.

Crotorax Cream is usually mild in nature, and can include itchiness or stinging after the cream has been applied. If these side effects are serious, or if any other severe reactions which have not been listed here occur, see your doctor immediately.

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