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Cosalon (Bicalutamide) is a nonsteroidal antiandrogen used in treatment of prostate cancer. It works by reducing levels of the androgen hormones found in the body which the cancer needs to grow and thrive. 

Though Cosalon sometimes used in other scenarios, patients should not buy Cosalon to treat other conditions without explicit doctor approval. Likewise, do not buy Cosalon to treat an undiagnosed condition; it may cause more harm than help. Cosalon may be used on its own to deny androgens, such as testosterone, to cancer cells. In this situation, treatment is usually long term and may span years.

In other cases Cosalon may be used for shorter-term treatment (4 to 6 weeks). This is usually when a patient is starting treatment with a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH). The LHRH medications may cause a temporary increase in androgen production, which Cosalon counteracts until a more normalized balance is reached.

When Cosalon is used with LHRH medications, the average dose is 50 mg per day. Used on its own, the daily dose may go up to 150 mg. In both cases, administration is the same:

Tablets are taken once daily, in the morning or evening. The bladder should be emptied before Cosalon is taken. For maximum effectiveness, take tablets at the same time each day. Food is optional, but may ease nausea if experienced. Staying hydrated is important during treatment. While Cosalon may greatly reduce symptoms of prostate cancer, it is not a cure. If treatment is interrupted, symptoms will most likely return.

Cosalon can cause severe birth defects. Because it is easily absorbed by the skin, pregnant or nursing women should not even handle the product. Similarly, children should not handle tablets; it can disrupt still-developing reproductive systems. In very rare cases Cosalon is prescribed to women; however, it should only be taken under close doctor supervision.

Men should not attempt to father a child while taking Cosalon, and should always use a condom if having intercourse with a pregnant partner.

Patients with liver disease or diabetes should not buy Cosalon without first discussing risks with a doctor.

Men using Cosalon to treat prostate cancer should be careful to avoid sources of testosterone, such as testosterone creams; these products are designed to be rapidly absorbed through the skin.

It is very rare for Cosalon to cause serious or life-threatening side effects. Warning signs that do warrant medical attention include: difficulty breathing, blood in urine, chest pain, urine retention (unable to urinate for more than 8 hours), excessive vomiting (unable to keep food or medications down). More common side effects, while they may be unpleasant, are not dangerous: hot flashes, decreased libido, impotence, swollen or painful breasts, constipation or diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, infertility.

Side effects are almost always reversible when treatment stops. Regular exams at a doctor's office will help monitor for developing side effects, and a doctor may be able to recommend medications to counteract some side effects. Regular checkups are also important to ensure Cosalon is continuing to work effectively.

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